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Hill Country Inline Club is a non-profit recreational fitness skating club that encourages all skill levels, promotes skating of all kinds (Inline Speed, Inline Recreational, Quad), and provides a safe, fun environment of organized events all year round for skaters to enjoy.
New members are always welcome and membership is only $25/year ($65/family).  Join today!

Newest And Renewed Members
Bill Harrison Eugenio Arima Ramirez Family Randy Williams Joseph & Ana Marie Whiteside John Byrd Leanna Englert
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Skater of the Month
       Troy BarbozaTroy Barboza
For Beginner Skating Lessons
  • Michael Febonio: mrrollerskate@hotmail.com (Playland Skate Center)
YouTube Skate Videos by HCIC members - Thank you Steve Rogers, Rodney Robbins
Veloway Resurface Party - by Rodney Robbins
Veloway Resurface Party - by Steve Rogers
HCIC Thursday Skate - October 15, 2015
Veloway flowers April 28, 2016
HCIC Guerrero Park Skate - October 17, 2015
Kerrville Skate - May 15th 2016
Steve Rogers Videos

2016 Board Members
       President    Nicole Fisher 512-496-6300
       Vice President    Thomas Bodine
       Treasurer    Whitney Hyde

2016 Great Leaders - Priceless Volunteers
       Pace Yourself Director    Neil MacPherson
       Facebook Page    Thomas Bodine

2017 HCIC Table Leaders for Tuesday Night, Adult Night Skate at Playland Skate Center
             Whitney Hyde

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Upcoming Events

See the full Calendar for all upcoming events.

Do you want the Veloway repaved?
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Donations Needed to Enhance the Veloway!

In 2009, the Hill Country Inline Club with Austin Parks Foundation and your support installed a shaded seating structure. Other enhancements over the past 8 years have included: Fixing the water drainage; installing bike racks; building 16 birdhouses and 3 owl boxes; creating the native plant garden; 2 rain gardens, planting Mt. Laurels and other trees, Installing Bat Houses, and 2 Purple Martin Stations, Bird feeding station,acquiring mirrors for safety around blind corners, marking dangerous cracks w/ red paint 3 times, acquiring signage for the park Signs West); general care, planting, clean up and maintenance. Have now gotten the Veloway re-surfaced and on an official maintenance plan with the city. These are all part of a commitment the HCIC has made since 2006 when we adopted the Veloway.

Now, he HCIC needs your support to raise funds to continue the enhancements at the Veloway. There are many improvements in the works, installing bike fix it station including skate tools, installing more bird houses and owl boxes, 1 more mirror in last blind corner and the addition of a picnic area. Donations of all sizes help! No donation too small or too big!

Donations are tax deductable via the Austin Parks Foundation.


    And see our THANK YOU page.

         Sponsor: Sushi Zushi
         Sponsor: Roadwarrior Massage & Bodywork
         Austin Parks Foundation
         Texas Speed Club
         Sponsor: Inline Warehouse
         Sponsor: Bont Skates
         Sponsor: Luigino USA, Nistevo, Atom Wheels
         Sponsor: Medusa Skates
         Sponsor: Playland Skate Center
         Sponsor: Austin Sports Arena
         Sponsor: Mary Kay
         Road ID
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